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and would have massacred thousands of people had no intervention been launched. america pleas for help libyan people. in our national interest to help the libyans because of a brutal massacre that we could have stopped would have been partially on the conscious of the united states that we're different from other countries in the sense that we do not turn a blind eye to aatrocities around the world. finally we will not directly engage in overthrowing qaddafi in nation building in libya. he tried that in iraq and the price was too high. so, there wasn't much new in the speech it was fairly straightforward. and the president's explanation is logical. you may not agree with it but mr. obama can defend his position. if the u.s.a. is indeed an exceptional nation. and we can save lives without harming our country, we should. strong argument and talking points agrees with it. there is a valid criticism of mr. obama, however, in that he it not lead in this matter. if he feels so strongly about stopping qaddafi from killing people, he could have acted quicker and more decisively. he did not. th
america, gun-toting. doesn't this sound like obama saying they cling to guns and religion. >> all this stuff about the tea partiers, americans, evangelicals, that's a typical day at the white house. what no one seems to be talking about was, these guys who came and in the fantastic james o'keefe video and said they were part of the muslim brotherhood in america. wait, a second, npr was going to take five million dollars from the muslim brotherhood, a terrorist organization. what if they were sitting down with al-qaeda? i think we need the fbi to investigate npr and their agreement to take five million dollars from a terrorist organization, operating in america. >> sean: let me go to this one tape where this was vivian, i believe -- no i'm sorry an npr executive. they used to describe themselves as national palestinian radio. let's roll this tape. >> sean: that was the ron schiller one. the pro-zionist view that they own the newspapers, obviously. playing into a false narrative caricature and anti-semitic view. >> of course it is anti-semitic. he's sitting with who he thinks are me
's lacking from you on "america's got talented." >> you were tweeting her butt is big. >> her friends are here now. >> i love her big butt. i want to cut to the quick now. we've never had five before. what do you make of charlie sheen? let's have a little chat about sheen. julie? >> let me just say this. >> turn to you because your husband happens to run cbs and just fired him. >> let me say this. minutes ago, backstage in your green room, lea asked me would this be a good time to ask to bring back "the king of queens." i said, lea, no comment. >> you don't get involved in this. what's your personal view of charlie? >> i have no comment on it. >> no view of him? >> i do but i have no view on the show about it. >> aren't you allowed to talk about it? no? >> i just think it would be -- it wouldn't be right for any of us to comment about it. i think it's -- >> don't be ridiculous! >> i'm not being ridiculous. >> it's the biggest story in town. >> not to us. we haven't talked about it not once. >> none of you talked about charlie sheen? >> we have not spoken about him on the show not once
to the protesters in wisconsin. >> america is not broke. contrary to what those in power would like you to believe so that you'll give up your pension, cut your wages, and settle for the life your great grandparents had. america is not broke. >> senator fitzgerald, wisconsin was not broke until you pushed through some corporate tax cuts that created the financial picture you have now. >> what? where did you come up with that, lawrence? >> to michael moore's point, his point being america is not broke if you simply use a reasonable revenue collection system, reasonable tax system, america would not be broke, wisconsin would not be broke without corporate tax giveç aways that for example, you already passed. >> no, come on, there are states across the entire nation that have similar debts that the state has, $3.6 billion, which was racked up over eight years of democrat governors and democrat legislate yours. that's not true. everybody knows that's not true. stimulus money was the only thing that helped bail out the states across this nation two years ago and it is not available this time, it is r
♪ ♪ >>> hello, america. i'm judge judge judge filling in for glenn this week who is on vacation. tonight on the docket, the price of oil and growing government debt. the bloody protest in the middle east and north america set the price of oil skyrocketing. oil is trading at a half-year high of over $100 a barrel. and consumer saw 33% gallon gas price jump at the pump in the last two weeks. meanwhile, the federal government continues racking up endless debt. today is $14 trillion. by the end of next year, if the president gets his way, it will be over $15.6 trillion. that debt is money. you and your children will have to pay back. our progeny will be born as financial slaves to the federal government, as they will have their way to tax to spend for spending that occurred before they were born. yet the big government shakedown doesn't stop there. part of the reason gasoline is so expensive because of the unconstitutional government interference. you see, the government, the federal government is sitting on huge reserves of oil. it places nonsensical drilling restrictions on oil co
of the problems with the rails and they work tirelessly to keep the trains running. >>> bank of america called them intermittent service disruptions. but for online banking customers a computer gift today created a big headache -- a computer glitch today created a big headache. mike sugerman reports. >> reporter: halleluia, the website is back up and running within the last couple of minutes. bank of america's online banking site is running. for the better part two of days it wasn't. i didn't get any confirmation from bank of america but i'm a customer and i can get online now like millions of others can in california. you know, you really don't understand how much you use this thing and how much you depend on it until it goes down. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: using the bank used to be hard. >> the bank offers us many services... and like mr. frank adams, most of us use the bank. >> reporter: mr. frank adams didn't have online banking then. nor would he have had it today. >> online banking right now currently down. they are experiencing some technical difficulties with the service. it should be
on "the washington post," a study on sex in america, study finds abstinence on rise in teens, early 20s. i've been saying for some time and some time looking at my kids and their friends over the past few years -- >> right. >> i've noticed a, in the age of pornography where a kid who is 9 or 10 is exposed to stuff we weren't exposed to until we were in college or even later, a more conservative generation regarding sex. and here it says the number of teens and people in the early 20s who remain abstinent goes well into the early -- it goes close to a third, mike barnicle. this is a dramatic shift. our youth are becoming more conservative when it comes to abstinence and sex. i think it's a reaction to all those images they're bombarded with at an early age. >> i think part of it, i think you put your finger on part of it, is the unbelievable access that kids have, everyone has, to stuff on the internet from the age of 8, 9, 10 years of age. i am the wrong guy to talk to about this, joe. i was raised with a deep belief and taught that sex is more dangerous than the third rail. >> right. >> j
. we are live there and more details in st. louis in a matter of moments in "america's newsroom". >>> in the meantime here's a story affecting every american, new reaction now to a stunning admission on capitol hill, the obama administration apparently admitting it's double-counting savings under the new health care law. here's the exchange from kathleen sebelius and congressman john shimkus. >> it has 12 years in the medicare trust fund according to the actuary and the $5 billion represents the slowdown in the rate of health care from what was projected to 8 percent. >> i'm sorry, is it medicare, is it using it to save medicare or using it to fund health care reform? which one? >> both. >> i yield back my time. bill: did you study accounting? >> martha: no, sir! bill: i have a calculating, though. good morning, everybody. i'm pweupl hemmer, nice to see you martha. martha: good to see you. good morning, bill, good morning, everybody. you heard that right, you saw that exchange, the white house accused of using fuzzy math to show the health care bill will ultimately save taxpayer
's what the japanese said a week ago. >> everyone is looking at this, not only here in america, but in europe and germany, they have suspended their plans. >> where they had problems in the past, too. exactly right. grace, thank you for that. 35% of jay opinion's electricity comes from nuclear plants. to understand what went wrong there, you have to understand a little bit about how reactors work. inside a massive concrete retainment dome are reak torse full of uranium. that heats rods through a process called fission. water is circulated through the rods, it's heated, and it creates steam, which powers turbines. water must be kept circulating around those rods and in japan, power failures are keeping that from going on. : meanwhile, many communities in japan haven't begun to dug out from the devastation. harry smith shows us that some towns and cities are unrecognizable. >> with the force and fury, the tsunami flattened what was there. once a picturesque fishing haven, there is little left that resembles its path. now there is only ruins. >> you went down to look if. >> th
coverage tonight. ♪ god hates america >> reporter: the message from the westboro baptist church is hateful. "thank god for dead soldiers." "god hates fags." church members believe god is killing all american soldiers because the country tolerates homosexuals. >> we are trying to warn you to flee the wrath of god, flee eternal destruction. >> reporter: but no one paid much attention until the church started taking its message to soldiers' funerals. mathieu schneider died in iraq. his father told cbs news last fall that the protests at matthew's funeral stole his last moments with his son. he sued the church for emotional distress and got a $5 million judgment. >> somebody said to me, you know, "$5 million. i bet you-- i bet you'd give it up to have matt back." i would give it up just to say good-bye. >> reporter: but the supreme court said in an 8-1 decision that the church doesn't owe snyder a dime. chief justice john roberts said the first amendment protects even hurtful speech to ensure that we do not stifle public debate. now, just alito dissented. he said the protests don't
. and "assignment america." you don't want to run afoul of this goose. >> i've seen her go up and scare the heck out of pit bulls. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. secretary of state hillary clinton could not have put it more bluntly. she says it's time for libya's moammar qaddafi to go. and the united states and our allies are stepping up the pressure on him to do just that. clinton said no option is off the table, including imposing a no-fly zone which would ground libya's air force. today the u.s. moved a destroyer and a marine amphibious task force closer to libya, and the treasury said at least $30 billion in libyan assets have been frozen. in spite of all that and with much of libya in opposition hands, qaddafi still refuses to leave, telling abc "all my people love me." we have a team of correspondents in the region. first, kelly cobiella in tripoli >> reporter: for the second time, a funeral in this eastern suburb of tripoli turned into a protest. people here claimed
of the old guard, we're going to do thing our way now? if that is the case, is this good for america and the west? >> well, to your question about whether it's anti-american or whether it's the people here themselves, it is the people in this region themselves. it's the young people. nowhere do we hear anything about the foreign policy, about the traditional angst that this region has, for instance, over palestinians and israelis and blaming the u.s. policy for all of this. nowhere is it about u.s. foreign policy. it is all about their desires. in fact, they say even in benghazi, which is held by the opposition, we do not want any foreign intervention. this is our movement. this is our moment. and they're very, very clear about that. >> as always, a brilliant insight into what's going on. thank you very much. >> thank you, piers. >>> coming up, is hollywood's top dog, harvey weinstein, his reaction to his win and charlie sheen's meltdown. yellowbook has always been good for business. but these days you need more than the book. you need website development, 1-on-1 marketing advice, se
a joint effort between san francisco shelter and virgin america. the staff members of the shelter say there is backyard overbreeding and abandonment in the bad economy. on the other hand, chihauhaus are in high demand on the east coast. so virgin america is taking the dogs to new york at no cost to the shelter. the dogs expected to be adopted quickly at the manhattan aspca. >> we had a surplus. we had to pick and choose who to ache and who to leave. we tried to combine older ones, younger ones, little adorable pickup business but they are a lot of work with ones that are a little older and more settled down so there should be plenty of selection for new yorkers. >> reporter: the flight leaves at 7 a.m. from sfo. the dogs will travel comfortably in the main cabin with san francisco animal control staff or virgin america volunteers beside them. and with wi-fi near every seat, they will document the journey with live updates and you will be able to follow them on the plane through your facebook or twitter account. it's >> so not firs
and the other half willing to be created as monsters against america." >> reporter: with the u.s. and others providing an effective air cover for the rebels, the pro-qaddafi forces have fallen back, but the still outgunned and disorganized rebel forces have not been able to mount a significant offensive of their own. mark phillips, cbs news, tripoli. >> reporter: the allied air strikes have allowed rebel forces to maintain control of benghazi. today the rebels set out to retake another city, but this time they were stopped-- at least temporarily. mandy clark was there. >> reporter: the burned out vehicles littered the road, from the rebel-held capital benghazia hub miles away. ahmad jiahani is desperate to get back to the embattled city. >> my friends are dying there, i know. >> reporter: but this checkpoint is as far as we can go. we're just seven miles from ajdabiya but we're told we continue go further. apparently down the road there are apparently four pro-qaddafi tanks and every time a vehicle goes over the rise they file at it. >> all my life is here, my friends, my family. my business
a catastrophe. tonight, president obama will try to convince a skeptical public and congress america's mission in libya is working. he'll deliver a nationally televised speech just a day after nato agreed to take full command of the operation. and at least one u.s. warship reportedly left the region. >> i think the military mission has gone quite well. >> reporter: the obama administration touted progress. following another weekend of air strikes. coalition forces hit targets in tripoli, and for the first time, moammar gadhafi's hometown of sirte. since the attack started more than a week ago, rebel forces have been able to push west and regain control of several towns. the president's speech comes in amid growing complaints from both republicans, and some fellow democrats. critics say he never asked for congressional approval before taking military action, and still hasn't given them a clear plan. >> this policy has been characterized by confusion, indecision, and delay. >> there should have been a plan for what objectives were, a debate as to why this was in our vital interests. >> reporter:
about 24 hours, congress looks into radical islam right here in america. . >> i would say the overwhelming majority of muslims are outstanding patriots. obviously, there's a very small percentage have allied themselves with al qaeda. >> some people say the hearings are more like a witchhunt and put islam itself on trial. we will talk to a man who found that mosques make muslims good americans. george: hello mr. gec! linda: so, we're such huge fans - george: of yours...and would be really honored... linda: ...if you would marry us. me? linda: yea! you just seem so - george: british - sounding. i'm not really qualified to speak on matters of the heart. look i'll tell you this: when you insure more than one car geico you could save even more with our multi-car discount. i now pronounce you...thrifty! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. somewhere in america, there's a doctor who can peer into the future. there's a nurse who can access in an instant every patient's past. and because the whole hospital's working together, th
. there's no question about that what so ever. a decision was made to take america forces into war. he didn't consult with congress. that's a matter of fact. what the consequences are politically, we'll see. we are going to spend a half billion dollars in the first week on this war. we don't have the resources. we are in iraq, afghanistan, pakistan and now libya. what is going on in america. we have money for endless wars and can't take care of things from home. >>> the united states role in libya is opening up new rifts. meanwhile russian prime minister putin said the resolution by the security council is flawed. in general, it reminds me of a medieval call for a crew said. an editorial in china reeds, they are keen on the use of force. people have reason to express concerns about the effects of the military action. still, a new cnn poll finds half of americans approve on the way the president is handling the situation in libya. >>> elsewhere, japanese workers racing to restore electricity to a nuclear plant. new concerns about how long it may last. crews are trying to finish hooking
to win visitors back. bitter taste-- union workers in america's chocolate town accept drastic layoffs rather than see their plant close completely. and field of dreams-- would-be hall of famers suit up and live their dreams of baseball glory no matter what their age. captioning sponsored by cbs >> mitchell: and good evening. it has been another day of fierce fighting, death, and surprise attacks in libya as the battle for the country rages on this weekend. and muammar qaddafi fights to stay in power. let's take a look at the latest. qaddafi forces mounted a fierce attack on the rebel-held town of zawiyah, while the rebel captured the key oil port of ras lanuf. and france and the u.k. continue to push for a no-fly zone over libya. we begin our coverage with mark phillips in tripoli. >> the situation there is quiet and peaceful. >> reporter: twice today, muammar qaddafi's government claimed it had taken control of the strategic town of zawiyah and released aerial gun camera footage which it said proved it. the government forces had moved in to the town to try to dislodge rebels once bef
the signs of steroids abuse. >>> what president obama is expected to say about america's future in libya tonight in a speech. >>> good morning. thanks for joining us on this monday, the 28th day of march. i'm sydnie kohara. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 5:00 straight up. in honor of this lovely weather we're having this week we decided to bring everyone upstairs. >> this will be permanent. >> and celebrate. >> the gang is all here. and we have sunshine. >> hey it works. >> i'm jealous. so let's start off with some weather and some golden rays out there. >> we have been giving frank a hard time. ever since he arrived we have seen rain pretty much every day. >> it's over. >> so my question, are you going on vacation on wednesday and thursday? we are finally going to see some sun. >> i haven't been told yet but maybe i should. i'm okay with a three-day weekend if that's what it takes. >> that may be why we're seeing sunshine but you will finally get to see what sunny california looks like. i know you grew up here but it's been a long time since we have seen the sun. >> we are
, among others. >> god hates america >> i'm sorry that they raised their son for the devil and hell. >> reporter: so appalled was he that he filed suit in federal court against the church group. >> they don't have a right to terrorize families and single families out. and that's what they do. a federal jury in maryland -- [ no audio ] >> reporter: the only dicenting opinion in this-- dissenting case was from supreme court justice samuel alito who says he does not think the country's commitment to free speech should in any way, tolerate the vicious verbal assault, like in this case. we'll have an update for you at 5:00. back to you. >> it is an emotional decision, at wjz, getting a lot of reaction from our viewers. our complete coverage continues at with adam may. >> reporter: adam, pretty fair to say that the beliefs of the westborough baptist church are not popular with our viewers. and some of our viewers are not happy at all with the court's decision. richard says, freedom of speech was supposed to be so that you could speak without fearing repercussions, not for taunting
, a team effort between the san francisco animal care and control and virgin america. there's going to be one airline volunteer or shelter staff member per dog as they board the flight. here's what's going on. the shelter is getting far more chihauhaus than they can handle but they are in high demand on the east coast so virgin america is taking the dogs to the east coast at no extra cost to be developed out of the manhattan aspca. earlier this morning, we asked local shelter staffer the reason for the the overpopulation on the west coast of chihauhaus. >> really easy to breed. you know, we live in small spaces and they don't take up a lot of space. they are still a lot of work and people find that out quickly and relinquish them to the shelters but they are just really overbred. people are not spaying and neutering as much as we would like to see them doing. >> reporter: the dogs will be divided into two groups and loaded onto two planes, one departing at 7 a.m., another at about 9:30 this morning. they will have their own little section on the plane. the dogs will travel comfortab
is bizarre these days. >> and the unprecedented public battle between america's highest paid television actor and his network continues. >> charlie sheen keeps on talking. >> is it embarrassing he called you the goddesses? >> why? >> could be worse, man. >> jeff rossen will tell us about his visits with charlie. >> a lot of fans out there are worried about you. >> no, don't be worried. >>> the republican governor of wisconsin, scott walker, said his so-called budget repair bill needed to pass today or he would be forced to layoff as many as 1500 state workers. that deadline came and went as the 14 democratic wisconsin senators remained just outside state lines today. still, governor walker feigned confidence about the future as he delivered his bi enyal budget address. >> i have been asked what happens next. i am an opt mist. i believe after the budget repair bill passes, tempers will cool and we will find a way to continue to work together to help grow our economy. we will position wisconsin to emerge from this economic downturn stronger than ever, with new opportunities for our workers and
," distant cities united by tragedy and friendship. steve hartman's "assignment america." and the a.t.f. allegedly encouraging u.s. gun sales to mexican drug traffickers. now there's evidence other agencies knew about it. >> couric: carlos pasqual resigned over the weekend, ending a stormy tenure as u.s. ambassador to mexico. diplomatic sources say the last straw was the scandal sharyl attkisson exposed on this broadcast, an a.t.f. program that allegedly let thousands of weapons purchased in the u.s. reach drug cartels in mexico. tonight as sharyl reports, another a.t.f. agent has come forward. >> reporter: south of el paso on mexico's side of the border lies juarez. >> juarez has been the most dangerous city in the world. >> reporter: it's where a.t.f. special agent rene jaquez worked for the past year. that's him before he shaved his head working with mexican police you were concerned a lot with trying to keep u.s. guns from being trafficked into mexico. >> absolutely. i mean, that's what we do as an agency. >> reporter: that's why jaquez says he was so alarmed to hear his own age
to turn a blind eye to atrocities in other countries. the united states of america is different. >>> discrimination suit. america's biggest retailer on edge as the supreme court takes up one of the biggest workplace lawsuits in history. >>> and caught on tape. a vintage air force plane makes an unexpected water landing. about this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, march 29th, about this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, march 29th, 2011. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm betty nguyen. defending the u.s. military mission in libya. president obama says the operation was necessary to prevent a campaign of killing. this morning rebel forces continue to push west under the cover of allied air support. nato takes command of the operation tomorrow. secretary of state clinton arrived in london last night. this morning she attend a conference to discuss what comes next in libya. last night the president said u.s. actions in libya stopped a slaughter and was a moral obligation the u.s. could not ignore. >> to brush aside america's responsibili
of my make up and doll up. >> reporter: if the case goes ahead, it could cost america's largest employer billion of dollars. >>> the u.s. supreme court is expected to rule by summer. >>> an intense search is underway after a shooting in a parking lot of a mall. we're over the marley station's mall parking lot. a man was shot here. he made his way near the highway. he was rushed to shock trauma and police are looking for two suspects in a dark gray hon dam - - honda. >>> today, the man accused in the murder of an eastern shore girl pleads guilty. vic has more. >> reporter: the prosecutors agreed to take the death penalty off the table for legs. this is for the murder of an 11- year-old. the girl was kidnapped and found dead on christmas day in 2009. her mother spoke today. >> we thank you for giving up your christmas of '09 to bring our baby home. >> we want to thank everyone. >> we now have closure and we can move on. including the community. >> he dated her aunt for some time. >>> wjz sat down with scary's parents. -- with sara's parents. >>> a baltimore county police officer is officia
. >> and you became america's sexiest man alive. >> whatever that means. >> what does it mean? >> it meant nothing. i was 22. >> you're telling me that meant nothing? >> it was a lot of fun. but i treated it solely as a business, a way to pay for law school. i had no way to pay for school and this came out of the blue and here we are. >> tell me about your ambitions, because i'm looking at you thinking -- i read this book thinking you're just the kind of republican who could come out of nowhere and fill the void, which i think exists in that party, where you had the tea party and sarah palin, but they're too extreme. and you have the kind of moderate types just a little bit dull. one thing you're not is dull. so you could be a dark horse. >> for what? >> you know what i'm asking. it must have crossed your mind. >> i'm running for re-election. i'm already campaigning on that. bottom line is -- >> would you be tempted to run for president? >> no, no. i'm running for re-election. and while the book is nice, i'm glad people are enjoying it, i have a lot of work to do. when i look at various bi
from her interview later on "good morning america." >>> and to our other big story this tuesday morning. a night of severe storms, tearing across one-third of the country, leaving damage and destruction in its wake. some cleanup is now under way. but many rivers are still rising. across the midwest and south this morning, damage from wind, water and tornadoes. multiple twisters touched down monday in indiana, kentucky and tennessee, where at least one person was killed. >> the mother was pinned. the fire department got her out of there. >> the wind was blowing really bad. and you could just hear the whistling and everything. >> reporter: in the wake, devastation. some searched the rubble, hoping to find anything they could. in chattanooga it looked like earthquake damage was done by high winds, destroying this historic brick building. nearby, high winds brought down trees and power lines, knocking out power to thousands. for others, the problem is floodwater. way too much of it. some neighborhoods now completely inundated. >> basement has about four foot of water in it. it's up to the s
on online banking? bank of america customers just got a 48-hour crash course. the risky moves some had to take while the computer was not an option. >> a relatively new supermarket chain is about to open its doors. how you can tell it is listening to its customers. >> the impact broke this and it chipped a lot of the paint. >> as if a costly tow isn't bad enough. this car was also damaged in the process. what we've learned about the company. [ music ] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the public utilites commission says muni's condition is the . >> state regulators have pomona on the hot seat. the public utilities condition says mun i's condition is the worst among california's transit systems. investigators found a series of violations on the muni line that could pose danger to the safety. they call the accusations overblown and unfair. they are aware of the problems work tirelessly to keep it running. >> fresh and easy executives say american shoppers will find that the stores cater to their needs. ann has a preview of the first store in danville. ann? >> reporter: dana, the fresh even easy is making
. america's u.n. ambassador calling his statements delusional. whatever you call them, you can add his latest comments to a list of lies he's been telling for days. listen. >> rbg has been provided to ben gazi by the americans. the youth, 16, 17-year-old are not guilty because they are manipulated by people from tunisia. these people come from outside. after they take these tablets, they go and attack this police station. >> gadhafi's son who has for years paraded around the west and united states in silk suits talking about reforms and trying to attract investors to libya. listen to what he told christian amanpour. >> it's fake. there's a big gap between what is happening and media reports. >> some may say there is a big gap between what you're thinking and saying to me. >> the whole south has come, the west has come. the middle has come. even part of the east. >> some might say. well, that is a fact. everything is peaceful, he claims, and it is a fact, it is not. he denies killing libyans. let's just repeat that, the gadhafi regime is claiming everything is peaceful and they have not
in america can fly free and don't have to worry about being blown up by some crazy person named moammar gadhafi or the libyan regime. it's got -- someone's got to stand up and take this bull by the horns. >> kathleen and jack flynn, nice to see you again. thanks for coming by. >> thank you. >> now we head to ann curry at the news desk with the headlines of the morning. ann? >> thanks, matt. good morning. we begin in yemen where the president turned on the united states tuesday, blaming his closest ally for encouraging growing protests against him. the move didn't quell protesters who packed the streets by the hundreds of thousands on tuesday night. pakistan's minority affairs minister was killed this morning in islamabad. he's a member of the christian minority and had recently called for the national law to be changed. the u.s. government will likely stay open for business after the senate votes today on $4 billion in spending cuts. nbc's capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell joins us now with more on the story. hey, kelly. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ann. congress di
. then fred hochberg on of merit -- on u.s. american president barack obama strip to land america. then rebecca adams will discuss the health care law and what the mean. "washington journal" each morning at 7:00 a.m. eastern. in advance about the political arrests in the middle is. morocco's foreign minister will talk about the challenges his country faces, live from the brookings institution. and from the carnegie endowment for international peace, the president of the american university in cairo will give her perspective on the recent changes in egypt in the arab world. that is live at 1:00 eastern. now vice president joe biden talks about increasing graduation rates. his remarks are just under 20 minutes. >> when i have spoken to the leaders and the business community in my state over the last couple of decades, i hear a lot of legitimate concerns and complaints about taxes, corporate taxes, environmental regulations, about the deficit, about the ability to depreciate equipment. but the thing i have heard most consistently, not just in the last five years, but the last 15 year
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in america is growing. according to the new census data, one in every 76 citizens are hispanic. >>> your next beer is likely going to cost you more money. maryland lawmakers are moving closer to approving higher taxes on alcoholic drinks. tonight kai jackson explains why some say the tax is necessary. >>> an increase in maryland's alcohol tax isn't a done deal. but those keeping score say it's pretty close. food may fill your stomach but alcohol sales in many bars and restaurants paying the bills for restaurant owners. >> when you walk into a bar like this, do you pay attention to the alcohol tax. >> at this point no, but since it was in the news we discussed it. >> reporter: the legislature is debating an alcohol tax. a bill in the senate proposes raising it 6%. under the plan it won't be wholesalers but drinkers that will pay for it. >> you know a lot of our guests, we've lost with the economy. so of course you know with the taxes going up and if it affects the alcohol price, i'm sure it'll cut down on them coming out to enjoy their time here. >> reporter: vincent demarco hopes the money wi
. even those egyptians that see america's support as crucial right now will also remember that america helped fund mubarak and his repressions for almost 30 years. wyatt andrews, cbs news, washington. >> mitchell: and just ahead on tonight's "cbs evening news", a top state department official loses his job in a wikileaks plot. plot. >> mitchell: before leaving for europe and the middle east, secretary of state clinton today accepted the resignation of her chief spokesman. he was forced out over comments about the man accused of leaking top secret documents to wikileaks. witt johnson has more. >> reporter: state department spokesman p.j. crowley's decision to step down came just three days after calling the treatment of the suspected wikileaks leaker ridiculous, counterproductive and stupid. private bradley manning is being held in solitary confinement at a marine corps brig in virginia. each night he is stripped naked, then wears a suicide-proof smock to bed. the 23-year-old military analyst faces a slew of charges relating to the largest document leak in american history. crowley's re
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dead. president obama cut his latin america trip a few hours short to deal with the crisis. he'll meet with his national security team at his hotel before returning to the white house tonight. >> we will continue to support the efforts to protect the libyan people. but, we will not be in the lead. >> reporter: tuesday, he promised the u.s. would hand over control of the mission within days. he also called the leaders of britain and france and agreed nato would play a key role. >> it is not going to be our planes that are maintaining the no-fly zone. that's precisely what the other coalition partners are going to do. >> reporter: and it's not just western countries. warplanes from qatar landed in greece yesterday. they'll begin patrolling the skies over libya this weekend. the first arab nation to directly participate. and possible evidence gadhafi may be looking for a way out. secretary of state hillary clinton told reporters that some allies of gadhafi are reaching out on his behalf, asking questions like, how do we get out of this? clinton did not say exile is one of those options. b
. >>> the verison wrap up show. rule the air on the fastest most advanced 4g network in america. >>> the zoom tablet, the first tablet powered by android3.0. with an interview and a display. grab it and it grabs you. only at verison. >> you're watching the verison wrap up show with otis livingston. >> hello again, i'm otis livering stone. we'll run you through all the information as we get you through the second round. five seed arizona taking on memphis. it was late in this one, the three pointer. wesley grabs the offensive rebound, but derek williams says i'm sorry, sir, not on my watch. williams finishes as the wildcats finish 77-85. healing off oakland. a big time all around effort for the big time. texas over oakland, 85-81. staying out west, duke's freshman sensation, point guard, irving returns to the octoberive rose we are 13 points as the blue devils cresh hanson by 42. they will play them next. the fist ones to win a game without a freeway flow. we'll check in, featuring the regular season acc championship and top need in the southwest, kansas. stay tuned. >>> the verison >>> the veriso
the country or just here? >> all over northerly r north america. however, the spider is all over the place. >> those are the only spiders in north america. >> i don't want any little spiders crawling into tiny places and ruining my day. >> thank you. let's check in with roberta and see which web she spending night. >> i think it's more coming. opportunity that usually happen? we say held low to an old friend. the patchy fog due to a lack of a wind and a temperature close to the dow point. in fact, tomorrow morning's commute, you will have that fog at the seashore, otherwise clear skies at the inland areas. a passing cloud possible. we had the passage of the front yesterday. we had a couple showers park off today. weak ridge of high pressure is building. once the fog dispates, everyone is enjoying sunshine, a cloud may drift in from time to time, but overall dry conditions. heading to the sierra, have the chains. there will be snow on saturday and on sunday. boy that return trip. meanwhile, tomorrow's day high temperatures stacking up at 68 at the beaches. mid 60s across the central bay
in america" challenge. we turned one family's home upside down by removing everything that wasn't made in america. >> but and replaced with things that were but how much did that cost? here's david muir and sharyn alfonsi. >> reporter: it all started with that brave invite from the usrys, john, anna, the kids, even the dog was okay with it. >> hello. >> reporter: allowing us to take everything out of the house that wasn't made in america. remember the shock? what do you think? >> all of our appliances are gone. >> reporter: bedtime? >> we have nothing left. >> reporter: remember how much they thought they had that was american? now the real challenge, replacing everything with american goods. >> hi. i'm trying to find -- >> reporter: it took sharyn and mrs. usry an hour. just to find that first replacement. >> we just want a simple coffee maker made in america. you don't have any way of knowing where things are made? finally we all set out. the ladies looking at the labels, the boys too. we reached out to more than 100 companies across the country. six coming down snow white drive. rep
bus accident in america's biggest city. >> mitchell: veteran new york police officers said an early-morning highway accident today of the most horrific they've ever seen. the crash of a bus carrying casino patrons on outskirts of new york city killed at least 14 people. jay dow tells us what happened. >> reporter: the tour bus was packed with passengers returning from a connecticut casino as it headed for chinatown in lower manhattan. the driver apparently lost control trying to avoid a tractor trailer at the new york city border. >> in an effort to avoid that activity, the bus driver swerves all the way over to the right. he strikes the guardrail. the bus goes-- along the guardrail. >> reporter: the tractor trailer driver kept going. the tour bus hit a sign post and rolled on to its right side, its roof sheered off by the pole. 13 people died at the scene. 19 more were taken to the hospital. firefighters called it a gruesome scene. >> the majority of the occupants in the bus got pushed forward into the bus, into the forward third of the bus, including some of the fatalities. >> the
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